A downloadable Senseless for Windows

Scanning Ship…

Substantial damage to engines located.
Scanning Auxiliary Thrusters. No Damage detected.
Engaging D-17 Defence Units.
Error. D-17 Defence Units offline.
Commence Emergency procedures.
Booting F_s12.

In Senseless, you control a worker unit which has been awoken and instructed to turn on the Engines of a broken Space Station. However, the Station does not have enough power to fully charge your systems. You will only be able to engage your sensors one at a time. Beware, the station is filled with anomalies which will drain your battery if they get too close. You will need to use your EMF detector and Audio sensor to keep watch whilst navigating with your Visual sensor. 

1, 2, and 3 swap between the different sensors available to you: 

1 - Visual
2 - Electrical
3 - Audio

You will have to locate batteries around the Station to keep yourself powered. With the Power offline you will need to find consoles to open the doors manually, as the GXM detection software is offline.

1, 2, and 3 -- Swaps between your different sensory layers
WASD -- Allows you to move F_s12
Mouse -- Controls the camera
LMB -- Interact with consoles
Shift -- Sprint

Charli Bartolo (@Swagdorf)
Cyrus Edgren (@CyrusEdgren)
Josh Hardy (@TheAioliGuy)
Tyler Kendall (@WaltzInCm) -- https://soundcloud.com/user-264956231-73983251

*Entry for GMTK Jam 2019


Senseless.zip 44 MB

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